Finicky houseplants new plant parents should avoid.

Finicky houseplants new plant parents should avoid.

With a bit of time and effort, all houseplants can be incredibly rewarding and fun to own. But, if you're a beginner and what you want is something that's going to bring some nature into your home, look good, and make you happy with only passive effort, you're probably going to want to avoid these finicky plants.

Ficuses like Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata) or Ficus Burgundy. Despite their popularity, many ficuses are quite dramatic and require just the right amount of sun. They hate to be moved and are well known for dropping their leaves en masse when they are brought home for the first time. This can be incredibly demotivating for new plant owners.

Olive Trees or Coffee Plants. These are both becoming popular indoor plants but they need lots of sun and warmth. This can be a tricky balance to maintain in Northern climates like Canada where close to a bright window often also means cold and drafty for much of the year.

Ferns like Boston or Maidenhair ferns. These plants usually require frequent and finely tuned watering. Best to hone your skills on a plant that’s a bit more forgiving.

Flowering Plants like Orchids or Anthuriums. These can be frustrating for new plant owners as it can be very tricky to get them to reflower once the original blooms have died and fallen off.

Calathea and Alocasias. These are quite difficult to care for as they have very specific water, light, and fertilizer requirements.