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Tamboo the Bamboo Palm, XL

Tamboo the Bamboo Palm, XL

5' tall in 10"W Nursery Pot

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Easy Care | Excellent Air Purifier

Tamboo will immediately give your home a tropical feel with its lush, bright green fronds that grow in dense clumps and can eventually reach heights of up to eight feet tall indoors.

Native to the forests of Mexico and Central America, Tamboo lives in the shade beneath larger trees in the wild so it's well suited to low light conditions and only requires occasional watering to look its best.

Also known as Chamaedorea Seifrizii, Reed Palm, Clustered Parlor Palm, Cane Palm.


Difficulty Easy - relatively low maintenance

Water Check every 7-10 days and water when the top 50% of the soil feels dry.

Light Prefers bright indirect light but can adapt to medium to low light areas. Keep out of direct sunlight, as long exposure can scorch the fronds. 


· A healthy plant from a local nursery,

· Potted in premium soil in a plastic grow pot for easy watering.

· Decorative pots sold separately here.


Plant height* Approx. 5'

Nursery pot 10" x 10"

*Measured from the base of the pot to the top of the plant

Fun Facts

· Bamboo Palms aren't actually related at all to Bamboo plants but are so named as they have the iconic ridges of the latter on their trunks.

· Tamboo is named after the Trinidadian, Carnival-time music known as Tamboo Bamboo, where a section of Bamboo is beaten with a stick to make music. Tamboo comes from the french word "tambour" meaning "drum."

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