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Ginny the Ficus Ginseng Bonsai, Medium

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Beginner Bonsai | Air purifier

Ginny is an an excellent beginner bonsai tree. It's famous for its pot-belly roots and its name 'Ginseng' roughly translates from Mandarin to "roots".

This plant requires very bright light to grow and can survive even if its soil is almost completely dry, making it a very forgiving plant if you're still learning and occasionally miss a watering or two.

Also know as Ficus microcarpa, Indian laurel, Taiwan fig, Ficus retusa.


Maintenance Lower, less than 2 hours per month.

Difficulty Beginner, forgiving care routine and relatively easy to grow.

Water Check soil moisture every 5-10 days and water when the top 50-75% of soil is dry. 


This plant will thrive in a location with a full view of the sky: an unobstructed West, East or South window would be excellent. Not suitable for low light areas.

Low No
Medium No
Bright Good
Direct sun 2-3 hours per day is Great


Other Keep away from heat or a/c vents which can dry out the air near the plant and cause its leaves to fall.


Plant height* 10-13"

Nursery pot 6"W x 6"H

*Measured from the base of the pot to the top leaf.


· A healthy plant from a local nursery.

· Potted in premium soil in a plastic grow pot for easy watering.

· Decorative pots sold separately.

  • The plant on screen is the plant you'll get.

    We take photos of each new batch of plants to ensure that the plant you receive will be almost identical to the one you see on screen. If you don't think so, we'll give you your money back.

  • Delivered with care.

    We believe the best way to ensure your plant arrives in phenomenal condition is to deliver them to you ourselves: no boxing your plants up, no third party couriers. Your plants and pots are always delivered by a friendly Frondly driver with care.

  • Happy, locally sourced plants.

    Plants that are well cared for look the best and last the longest. We only work with local BC greenhouses we know and trust to ensure that all of our plants are as happy and healthy as possible.

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