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Monty the Snake Plant 'Black Coral', XL

Monty the Snake Plant 'Black Coral', XL

33-36"H in 10"W Nursery Pot

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Indestructible | Air Purifier | Low Light

This rare variety of Snake Plant has the same qualities as its cousins but has darker, moody foliage. Native to tropical West Africa and one of the most popular plants around, Snake plants are known for their sculptural, upright leaves and resilience.

They are well adapted to drought conditions and can survive for months without water - perfect for the forgetful waterer. They can also manage in a wide range of light conditions, from direct sun all the way to very low light. The original unkillable plant.

Also known as Sanseveria zeylanica, Dracaena trifasciata, Mother-in-Law's tongue, Bowstring hemp.

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