Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

How hard is it to care for?

Bird of Paradise is a very easy care plant. She's very forgiving, adaptable, and quite hard to kill. She won’t mind much if you miss a few waterings and she can tolerate a range of light conditions.

The one thing you must know.

Watering too frequently is this plant's kryptonite, so always check its soil's moisture before watering to ensure it's ready for a drink.

When to water.

Bird of Paradise generally likes its soil to dry out a little between waterings, especially during the winter. Check its soil's moisture every week or two by sticking your finger or a chopstick about halfway down the soil. If the soil still feels moist, don't water her and check her soil again in a few days. If the soil feels dry, it's time for a drink.

How to water.

Water the surface of her soil throughly aiming to soak the soil evenly. Water should flow freely from the drainage hole at the base of her pot. Leave her to drain in a sink or bath for 15-20 minutes.

Light needs.

Although Perdy will survive in any room of your home that gets at least some natural light during the day, for the best results we recommend putting her in a spot where she'll get lots of direct or bright, indirect sunlight throughout the day.

Where should I place it in my home?

BEST Will grow the most in these conditions and require more frequent watering.

Bright, indirect or direct light. For example:

  • In an unobstructed South, East or West facing window.
  • In a shaded spot very close to a South, East or West facing window - roughly 5 feet away or less.
  • Right up against or very close to a South, East or West facing window with a semi-transparent curtain.

OK Will survive in these conditions but grow less and require less frequent watering.

Spaces with moderate to low light 

  • A kitchen or hallway with a small window.
  • A corner far away from natural light sources - 5 feet away or more.
  • In a North facing window.

    Common questions we get about Bird of Paradise:

    How do I get my Bird of Paradise plant to flower?

    It is quite difficult to get a Bird of Paradise to flower indoors. In the wild, Bird of Paradise plants get an extreme amount of sunlight and moisture. Replicating these conditions in a home, especially a Canadian one where we have such short days in the winter. 

    It's not impossible though and a few things can help you succeed:

    1. Give your plant as much bright light as possible with 4-6 hours of direct sun if possible. Supplementing with a grow light would help.
    2. Fertilize your plant in the Spring through to the Fall.
    3. Keep the soil evenly moist throughout the hotter, sunnier summer months.
    4. Repot sparingly. Keeping Perdy root bound will make her more like to bloom.
    When should I repot my Bird of Paradise?

    Unlike some other houseplants, Birds of Paradise perform and grow best when their roots are crowded, so you can leave them in the pot they came in for 2-3 years.


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