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Charlotte en Bas Radius
excellent service

It was delivered correctly and on time. We could rely on the company and on the quality of the product delivered.

Perfect Fit

The service I received when purchasing the Tobago Ceramic Pot was very good and extremely helpful. If the occasion arises where I need a similar item I will return to Frondly for certain; I'm confident I will fid what I want there.

Leca aeration stones

I love these small size leca stones. I mix them into soil when re-potting to help give good aeration and drainage. Much prefer these to perlite because they match the soil and don’t discolor with time like perlite can and don’t have the dust factor. Great purchase!

A charming plant shop with a wide selection

I initially bought this Kanso pot online for my Fiddle Leaf Fig and liked it so much that I decided to buy two smaller ones as gifts for my friends. They also loved them. The delivery arrived on schedule, and the delivery lady was kind enough to bring them right to my door, which was very helpful. When I recently visited the store, I was impressed by their wide selection of plants and the friendly customer service. I originally went to pick up the pots but ended up buying a plant as well. The Staghorn Fern displayed on the store's wall was so beautiful that I hope to decorate my small studio with one someday.

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Pauline Hayward
Brilliant service and quality plant + pot

Thank you for a fantastic service Chad
We wanted to celebrate friends and send a gift.
As we are around the world in South Africa this is always a little challenging to find a place that provides the same quality + size as is in the images on the website.
In this case - it was perfect, beautiful plant and pot delivered.
Efficient delivery and communication with the friends receiving the gift!
All round very happy.

Thank you very much

Great local business with beautiful plants for sale

The plants are beautiful for home decoration! I particularly like the rare ones that are not usually available elsewhere in Vancouver.


Such a lovely store! I came from out of town to stage one of our companies showrooms and the staff was nothing less than fantastic. They were knowledgeable, super helpful and made the overall experience wonderful! Oh and the plants and planters are divine!

Perfect soil mix for my indoor plants

All of the plants I’ve purchased from Frondly are thriving in their Tropical / General Soil mix. I have a houseful of happy plants.

Special Delivery

My first order from Frondly will be the first of many. Very impressed by their customer service, friendly delivery folks, and amazing quality plants. Five glowing stars from me!

Healthy and happy. I’m new to hoyas so I haven’t had one bloom yet.

So far so good. I like that I don’t have to use very much so it lasts a long time.

Very convenient. I also test with the actual moisture meter and these sticks are quite accurate.

This is my second one because I loved the first one so much. They now live together.

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Hilary Evans Cameron
Great store!

Thank you!

Pablo the Aloe Vera, Small
Ina d.A.
World Class Service

I went in to pick up a Hoya, and Chad did a fantastic job explaining how to care for it and what to expect as it grows. I was also having some trouble with my Monstera, and Chad gave me great advice that saved it from dying. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and really helped me out!

Moisture Meter
Hossein Eslami
Excellent experience all around

From the selection of the plants, to the knowledge and helpfulness of the people to their immaculate and quick delivery of our beautiful bird in paradise plant, this has been a great experience. Thank you!

Excellent Service by Chad

The plants are just of higher quality and are extremely beautiful and were sent to us very professionally

Friendly and overall amazing service!

Not only are the plants we bought for our business really amazing, but the service we received was equally comparable. Thank you for delivering the plants in such short notice! From the customer service to the delivery, it was a very seamless and effective service.

Unbelievable service and stunning plants

Every leaf is different and amazing

I really wanted one so Chad sent me a note when he brought them in. She is so beautiful. I bought one and then went back and got a second.

Aurora the Hoya Carnosa Tricolour, Small
Hetty Alcuitas
Hoya Carnosa Tricolour

I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon Frondly and noticed a small Hoya Carnosa on sale for $10. I read more about this small business and liked the fact that they are locally based and offer pick-up or shipping. Ordering on-line was easy and fast and when I couldn't pick up my plant on the specified day, they were very gracious is allowing my daughter to pick it up almost a week later. A good experience. I would definitely recommend checking them out!

Healthy plant

I’ve ordered from Frondly before and the plants are great. My Monstera is beautiful and I’m happy with my purchase.

Amazing Service & Beautiful Plants

I had ordered most of my plants at home from Frondly and I loved them. We recently opened a new office and needed plants. I had contacted Frondly and requested to make a special order. Chad assisted with the ordering and delivering process. Provided suggestions and advice, which was extremely helpful. The plants were all repotted and look absolutely beautiful. Will always order plants from Frondly.


Very friendly service and very helpful