Why Frondly

Four reasons to shop with us.

1. We really give a damn about our plants.

We only sell healthy, beautiful, pest-free plants sourced from our amazing network of reputable growers based right here in British Columbia, like the one pictured below.

Our plants are potted in premium soil ideal for that plant, inspected for pests and treated with an all-natural insecticide, then cleaned and pruned before being delivered to your home.

We choose plants as if they were coming into our own homes, and we are really, really picky.

Birds of Paradise, Fiddle Leaf Figs, and more at one of our local grower partners in Langley, BC.

2. Excellent value, every day.

We don't have a storefront or salespeople, and being online only means we can run a pretty lean business. This enables us to sell high quality, healthy plants at a great price, every single day.

We try not to jack prices up only to put everything on "sale" later, but we occasionally offer small discounts to make it easier for new customers to give us a try, or to existing customers to say thanks and to share with their friends and family.

3. Every plant is hand delivered.

Other online plant stores deliver plants in boxes via couriers like Canada Post. No hard feelings to our local mailman, but plants are delicate, living things so we intentionally decided not to do that because we don't believe it's the best way to transport them.

When you buy a plant from Frondly, one of our drivers will deliver your plants to your home, by hand. This makes sure that your plants are delivered with care and arrive in phenomenal condition.

4. The plant you see is really the plant you'll get.

With so much variation from plant to plant, one of the biggest pieces of feedback we received from customers was the worry that the plant they would receive wouldn't look like the one the one they saw on our website.

We agreed, and it's why we take pictures of each new batch of plants we receive from our growers. This ensures that the plant you see on screen will be almost identical in shape, size, and fullness to the one you're going to get when you make a purchase. We also take photos of our plants in natural lighting and we don't apply filters or edit them to make them look deceptively better.

And if you don't agree when you receive your plant, returns are always free and fast. Call or email us within 7 days and we'll pick up your return within 48 hours and refund you. No hidden fees, no questions asked.