Our Founding Story

A diagnosis and a life-long dream.

I’m Chad,👇🏼 that guy with all the plants in the back of his car, and I'm the founder of Frondly Plants. I started this humble plant shop in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, after I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 31 years old. I realized that life was too short not to follow my dreams, so I quit my career in marketing a few months later to fulfill a life-long dream to build my own business.

A bit more about me and why I started a plant shop.

I was born on the small tropical island of Trinidad and grew up gardening with my grandmother and great grandparents, so you could say my love for plants is natural.

Instead of opening a physical plant shop, I decided to merge my love for plants with my experience and passion for e-commerce, something I honed for nearly half a decade at Vancouver-based online furniture store, Article. Eight months of learning, writing, photographing, Shopify-ing, emptying-my-bank accounts-ing later, and POOF! Frondly Plants was born.

My goal for Frondly is to make shopping for plants easy, fun, and accessible to more people, especially those who don't think they're "plant people". I believe there's a plant out there for everyone and I want to help you find the perfect one for your home without the anxiety that you're going to kill it, or all the hassle of driving to a garden centre and getting dirt everywhere. Who has time for dirt?! 

I hope you'll let us deliver a beautiful, healthy plant to you soon.