Snake Plant

Snake Plant

Quick care guide


Water only when the soil appears completely dry all the way through the pot.


Suitable for almost all light conditions from low light to full sun. Will grow the fastest in bright, indirect light.

Pet notes

If eaten, Monty can cause mouth irritation and digestive reactions in your pet.

Air purification

Removes formaldehyde and nitrogen from the air during the night.

How easy is it to care for?

Native to the hot, dry regions of West Africa, Snake Plants are incredibly drought resistant, slow growing and can survive with little to no attention. It is perfect for beginners or owners with little time to care for their plants.

The one thing you must know.

The fastest way to kill a snake plant is by overwatering. Snake plants prefer to be left completely dry between waterings so always check the soil moisture before giving it any water.

When to water.

Check soil moisture every few weeks by sticking a chopstick or other instrument like a water meter deep into the soil. If the chopstick comes up with moist soil attached, don't water it yet and check the soil again in a few days. If the soil comes up dry, it's probably time for a drink.

A snake plant is much more likely to die from too frequent watering than too little water so if you're unsure, just leave it be for a couple more weeks.

How to water.

Water the surface of the soil throughly, aiming to soak the soil evenly. Water should flow freely from the drainage hole at the base of the plant's pot. Leave your plant to drain in a sink or bath for 15-20 minutes.

Because snake plants are left to dry between waterings, the soil can become hard and compacted. To help the soil soak up more of the water, use a chopstick or soil probe to create several, deep holes in the surface of the soil around the plant before water - try not to stab the roots too much.

    How much light does Monty need?

    Like most things, Monty is very easy going when it comes to his light needs. He will be happy in almost any room and is great for darker spaces where other plants may not be able to survive. Monty will grow the most in bright, indirect light.

    Where can I place Monty in my home?

    BEST - Bright, indirect light (will grow most and require more frequent watering):

    1. In a shaded spot very close to or adjacent to a window.
    2. Right up against or very close to a window with a semi-transparent curtain.
    3. In an unobstructed, North-facing window.

    GOOD - Spaces with low light (will grow less and require less frequent watering).

    1. A bathroom, kitchen or office with a small window.
    2. A bedroom or living room corner far away from natural light sources.

    Full sun for parts of the day:

    1. In an unobstructed East or West facing window.

    OK - Spaces with only artificial light (try to give your plant a vacation in a brighter room from time to time):

    1. Bathroom, office, or other room with only fluorescent lighting. 

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