June tree planting update: Fruit trees in India.

June tree planting update: Fruit trees in India.

Planting trees in India to fight hunger, climate change and improve local economies.

About the Frondly Tree Planting Program: In partnership with our friends at One Tree Planted, we plant one tree for every plant purchased through our store. Learn more about why we plan trees and our other sustainability initiatives here.

We're excited to share that for the month of June, our tree planting program will be helping plant fruit trees in India, an initiative that is helping to fight hunger, improve local economies, and combat climate change.

These fruit trees will help small and marginalized farmers increase their families' nutrition and income, while fighting pollution, conserving water, and preventing soil erosion.

This tree-planting project will not only establish healthy forests but will make a measurable impact for local farmers and communities, who will be able to generate a lasting income.

The pollutants captured by each tree will also improve health, providing oxygen and fresh air for the communities they surround.

Three years after planting, each fruit tree will help generate additional income at an average of US$10 per tree per year. These trees will considerably reduce hunger, malnutrition and poverty in the villages and communities where they are planted.

In addition to automatically donating one tree with every plant you purchase, you can now add additional trees to your order with us here.

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