How to Water Indoor Plants

How to Water Indoor Plants

Master Plant Watering in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Always check the soil before watering. â˜đŸŒ

Check your plant's soil to ensure that it is dry before you water. This is important because watering your plant while its soil is still wet could lead to issues like root rot.

To check the moisture of the soil, insert your finger or a
water meter about halfway down your plant's pot.

If the soil feels moist or your meter reads moist to wet, don't water yet and check back again in a few days. 
If the soil feels dry or your meter reads close to dry, it’s time to water.

Step 2: Once the soil is dry, water thoroughly.

Don't be shy here - you want to ensure the roots get a good drink. Water the entire surface of the soil and wait for the water to be absorbed. Repeat this once or twice, or as many times as you need to until water flows freely from the drainage holes at the base of the pot.

Bonus tip: To check that the water has been absorbed into the soil, repeat Step 1 above to ensure the soil is no longer dry. If the soil is still dry, repeat this step until the soil is moist.

Step 3: Drain and remove excess water.

This is the last step but possibly the most crucial one. Roots need to breathe air between waterings so if the plant is sitting in a pool of water, the soil won't dry out and they roots will drown.

Once water has finished coming out of the drainage holes, remove any pooled water from beneath the plant. This is especially important if your plant sits in a watertight decorative pot.

Watering FAQ:

How often should I water my plant?

We recommend checking your plant's soil each week to see if the soil is dry. 

As long as you're watering your plants thoroughly, most plants don't need to be watered more than once per week.

Most large plants can go longer between waterings and desert plants like Snake Plants, ZZ Plants, Cacti and Ponytail Palms can even go months without water.

How much water should I give to my plant?

The aim when watering is for the entire soil volume of soil to be moist. This will ensure that all of the plant's roots are able to access water.

Soil should be watered thoroughly using as much water as is needed for it to be evenly moist.

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