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Elho Recycled Soil Scoop

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Care kit essential | 100% recycled plastic

A soil scoop is an essential item for indoor gardening. This scoop is extremely comfortable to use thanks to its ergonomic handle and features a measuring tool so you know exactly how deep you’re digging. It's made of recycled plastic and is very easy to clean.

The small size is perfect for filling 4-8" wide pots with soil; use the larger version when you’re working with larger planters.


Small: 7.5cm W x 4cm H x 25.6cm L
Medium: 7.5cm W x 4cm H x 25.6cm L

100% Recycled Plastic

About Elho

Elho is a family-owned company based in the Netherlands with over 55 years of experience in making sustainable synthetic pottery. They are a leader in sustainable initiatives with most of their operations being powered from wind Energy, and they are a Certified B Corporation.

  • See the plant you're getting.

    We take new photos of each batch of plants at our in-house studio to ensure that the plant you receive is almost identical to the one you see online.

  • Living room ready.

    Before delivery, we clean and prune your plants so they are ready to be displayed in your home. Cleaner leaves also absorb more sunlight, key for optimal plant health.

  • Best growers = best plants.

    Healthy, strong plants look the best and are the easiest to care for. We only work with the top local greenhouses in BC to ensure that all of our plants are healthy, beautiful, and pest-free.

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