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Kelpy Plant Food

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KelpyAll-natural | Made in BC | Female Owned

Kelpy is 100% natural plant food that helps your plants grow bigger, faster, stronger.

Kelpy simplifies the process of feeding your plants with an all-natural formulation that can be used year-round. Simply add a capful of Kelpy to your watering can or jug and water your plans as you usually would. Your plants will thank you.

Why Kelp? Kelp is a plant growth booster rich in vitamins, minerals, and growth hormones that make roots stronger and plants happier. Kelp has been used as an agricultural fertilizer for centuries up until the invention of chemical fertilizers. Boo to chemicals, hooray for all-natural Kelpy!

Kelpy's kelp is harvested from the frigid coastal waters of British Columbia where it grows more than 2 feet a day and is cold-processed to retain nutrients and phytohormones.

Size Guide

250ml Makes 50L of watering mixture

500ml Makes 100L of watering mixture

How to Use

1) Mix 1tsp Kelpy (or 1 cap full) to 1L water, and water your plants as usual.

2) The above mixture can also be used in a spray bottle for fruiting or flowering plants. Simply spray your plant at the fruiting or flowering stage for more flowers and fruit at harvest time.

3) During transplanting, Kelpy can also be used to promote root growth and ensure your plants are happy and healthy.


How often should I use Kelpy?

Follow the regular watering schedule for your plants. Mix 1 tsp of Kelpy with 1 liter of water and feed those beautiful plants. Use year-round.

Twice a year, divers plunge into the frigid waters off the northernmost tip of Vancouver Island to harvest kelp for Kelpy. Here, kelp grows 3 feet a day (not the standard 2 feet) from the rich mineral glacial outflow that feeds it. This potent combination makes Kelpy special. A super booster for both houseplants and edible gardens.


Giant kelp (macrocystis integrifolia)

Total nitrogen (N) 0.1%, Available phosphate (P2O5) 0.5%, Soluble potash (K2O) 1.0%

  • The plant on screen is the plant you'll get.

    We take photos of each new batch of plants to ensure that the plant you receive will be almost identical to the one you see on screen. If you don't think so, we'll give you your money back.

  • Delivered with care.

    We believe the best way to ensure your plant arrives in phenomenal condition is to deliver them to you ourselves: no boxing your plants up, no third party couriers. Your plants and pots are always delivered by a friendly Frondly driver with care.

  • Happy, locally sourced plants.

    Plants that are well cared for look the best and last the longest. We only work with local BC greenhouses we know and trust to ensure that all of our plants are as happy and healthy as possible.

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