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Soltech Aspect Grow Light Fixture

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Warm, White Light | Decor Friendly | 15+ Year Lifespan

No natural light? no problem! The Soltech collection of grow lights are the best performing and best looking grow lights we've ever used, hands down. This large size is powerful enough for high sun and even fruiting plants. Enough light to grow any plant, anywhere. See which is the right size for you by looking for your plant in the Soltech growing guide.

The Aspect is a complete LED grow light fixture that supports the growth of your plants by creating the perfect light for growing your plants indoors, while illuminating your space with brilliant, warm white ambient light, so no intense whites, yellows or pinks with this one - it looks like the light from a regular bulb!

Bring nature indoors while adding a sophisticated touch to your space with the grow light used by interior designers, growers and people like you!

Ideal spectrum

The Aspect is unique in that it mimics the colour of residential interior light bulbs while providing a highly precise photosynthetic spectrum needed for your plants to thrive.

Energy efficient

Unique LED lights are energy-efficient, consuming very little power.

Easy setup

Plugs right into a standard wall outlet.



· 1 Aspect ™ LED Growlight, Large
· 15ft White Fabric Cord
· Outlet Timer
· 3 Pack Ceiling Hooks
· 1 Swag Hook
· Aspect Quick Start Guide
· 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

· Dimensions: 7"H x 4"W x 4"D
· Weight:  4.69 lbs
· Color: White
· Total Consumption: 40 Watts
· Lifespan: 90,000hrs
  • The plant on screen is the plant you'll get.

    We take photos of each new batch of plants to ensure that the plant you receive will be almost identical to the one you see on screen. If you don't think so, we'll give you your money back.

  • Delivered with care.

    We believe the best way to ensure your plant arrives in phenomenal condition and health is to deliver them directly to you ourselves: no boxing your plants up, and no third party couriers. Our plants and pots are always delivered by a friendly Frondly driver with care.

  • Happy, locally sourced plants.

    Plants that are well cared for look the best and last the longest. We only work with local BC greenhouses we know and trust to ensure that all of our plants are as happy and healthy as possible.

  • The best prices, every day.

    Our prices are, on average, 10-25% lower than other speciality plant shops and garden centres. By operating online only, we don't have sales staff or a large, expensive storefront and we pass those savings on to you.

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