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Perdy the Bird of Paradise, XL Tall

Perdy the Bird of Paradise, XL Tall

55" / 140cm in 10" Nursery Pot

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Fast Growing | Tropical Stunner | Low Maintenance

Ever had the urge to move to the tropics and sip fruity cocktails on the beach for the rest of your life? Well, having a bird of paradise in your home is about as close as you can get to that without all the drama of uprooting your family and leaving your life behind. 

Bird of Paradise plants are quite low maintenance and will grow best in a sunny spot - we'd recommend placing it less than 5 feet from a bright window where. Fruity cocktails (for you) and imagining you're in a tropical paradise are highly recommended for maximum enjoyment.

Native to: South Africa

Also known as Strelitzia Nicolai, White Bird of Paradise, Banana Leaf Plant.


Difficulty: Easy - relatively low maintenance.

Water Check every 5-7 days and water when the top 2" of soil is dry.


Low: No
Medium: OK
Bright: BEST
Direct Sun: Good

Leaf splits, especially on a mature plant like this one, is a natural and common trait of this plant. If you see some splits in the leaves, there's no cause for concern as this is an adaptation that the plant has developed to handle strong winds in the wild.

Read the full Bird of Paradise Care Guide here.


Plant height* Approx. 4.5-5' / 138cm

Nursery pot 10"W x 9"H

*Measured from the base of the pot to the top of the plant.


· A healthy plant from a local nursery,

· Potted in premium soil in a plastic grow pot for easy watering.

· Decorative pots sold separately here.

Fun Facts

· Perdy's Botanical name, Strelitzia Nicolai, commemorates Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, a former queen of Great Britain, and namesake of several Canadian landmarks including Queen Charlotte City in Haida Gwaii, BC, Queen Charlotte Channel between Bowen Island and West Vancouver, and Charlottetown, PEI.

· Although she doesn't bear any fruit, Perdy is a cousin to the banana tree and they are very similar in appearance. 🍌

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