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Bambi the Staghorn Fern, Small Mounted

Bambi the Staghorn Fern, Small Mounted

10"D x 6"H x 8"W

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Living Art | Handmade in Vancouver

In the rainforests of New Guinea and Australia this marvellous, sculptural plant grows on the sides of trees. This unique growth habit makes it an excellent wall mounted plant, happy to adorn your wall as a living artwork.

Our Mounted Staghorn Ferns are made locally in Vancouver using premium New Zealand Sphagnum Moss and beautiful, sustainably sourced cork flats. The moss will keep the roots of your plant hydrated, and cork, unlike other types of wood, will not rot with exposure to moisture making it easy to keep your plant hydrated.



Water thoroughly when the base of the moss ball is dry to the touch, approximately every 7-14 days. Another way to tell that your plant is ready to be watered is to pick up the plant and test its weight, it will be very lightweight when dry. 

The simplest way to water your plant is to remove it from the wall, place it under the shower for several minutes until the moss and rootball are soaked, then allow to drip dry before returning to the wall. This plant is somewhat drought tolerant and can survive short periods of neglect and still bounce back once watered.


For the best results we recommend mounting your plant in a bright location, preferably where it can see the sky through a window. It can also tolerate a few hours of direct sun.


Avoid wiping the antlers/ fronds and only use water as described in the shower method above to periodically clean any dust that accumulates. The white 'dust' on the fronds is normal and is naturally produced by the plant to protect itself from harsh sunlight, pests, and fungal infections by repelling water.

The shield fronds where the plant meets the mount will naturally turn brown over time and should not be removed.


· Mounted Staghorn Fern (sp. Platycerium Bifurcatum)
· Mounting hardware included (for use on drywall / wood)
· Premium New Zealand Sphagnum Moss
· Sustainably Sourced Cork Flats


Cork Flat Approx. 1.5"D x 12"H x 8"W
Staghorn Fern Approx. 10"D x 6"H x 8"W



  • A healthy plant from a local BC greenhouse.
  • Potted in a standard plastic nursery pot with drainage holes.
  • Potted with soil mixed specifically for each plant.
  • 30-day healthy plant guarantee.
  • Expert care support for the lifetime of your plant.

Having trouble with your plant? Email us at We're here to help!


10"D x 6"H x 8"W

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