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Moth Orchid, Medium (Multiple Colours)

Moth Orchid, Medium (Multiple Colours)

24-28"H in 5"W Nursery Pot

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  • Long Lasting Blooms
  • Easy Care
  • Responsibly Grown*

There's a reason Moth Orchids are one of the most popular indoor plants: they're beautiful, have blooms that can last up to several months, and once you know the right steps are one of the easiest flowers to rebloom indoors.

Our Orchids are grown in a California greenhouse that has received the highest sustainably rating (A) every year since 2015 from the internationally recognized independent horticultural rating agency, MPS.

Also known as Phalaenopsis Orchid, Moth Orchid.

Pictured with Tobago Ceramic Pot, Medium - Black sold separately.



A blooming orchid can be kept in almost any light conditions (even low light) and look great for several weeks to months.

To maintain the long term health of the plant though, it is best to keep it in medium to high light - a location where the plant can have a partial or full view of the sky. Lots of bright light is especially important for when you're attempting to encourage your plant to rebloom. Exposure to direct sun for 2-3 hours per day is OK.

To learn about the light conditions required to encourage your orchid to rebloom, see the Blooming section below.


When to water your orchid.
Allow your orchid potting mix (bark) to become completely dry all the way through the pot before watering. In average household conditions, this will be roughly every 1-2 weeks. If your orchid is still potted in its clear nursery pot, have a look at their roots. If they are green, they are still moist and don't need more water. Dry roots will be a silvery grey colour indicating that it's time for a drink.

How to water your orchid.
Water your orchid's potting medium thoroughly by soaking the pot in a container filled with water for 10-15 minutes, or place it under a faucet of running water for 1-2 minutes. Allow excess water to drain before draining. Try not to get the blooms wet, this can shorten their lifespan.


How to get your orchid to rebloom.

Step 1: Cut your orchid.

Using a sharp, clean shears or knife, cut the stem beneath the expired blooms and above any of the node - a ridge or knuckle along the stem of a plant. This node is where the new flower spike will emerge.

Step 2: Place your plant in very high light.

If your plant is not already in a bright location, move it somewhere it can have a wide view of the sky and preferably a few hours of direct sun each day.

Step 3: Water + light + patience = flowers

Now that you've placed your plant in a bright spot, continue to water your plant as detailed in the Watering section above and keep an eye out. In approximately 2-4 weeks, you should see a flower spike emerge from the node below where you cut and new blooms won't be far behind.


  • A healthy plant from a local BC greenhouse.
  • Potted in a standard plastic nursery pot with drainage holes.
  • Potted with soil mixed specifically for each plant.
  • 30-day healthy plant guarantee.
  • Expert care support for the lifetime of your plant.

Having trouble with your plant? Email us at We're here to help!


24-28"H in 5"W Nursery Pot

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